Moominland Midwinter, Finnish


The beloved ‘Moominland Midwinter’ by Tove Jansson, now in four-colour print. 

For ages, the Moomins have slept through the winter, from November until spring. But one winter, something happened that had never happened before, not since the first Moomin took to his hibernation den. Moomintroll awoke and found that he couldn’t go back to sleep again.

After trying to wake his mother up in vain, he climbed up to the roof and slid down into the white and cold world. That was the beginning of his magical midwinter, a season full of adventure, danger and strange creatures. When spring arrived, Moomintroll could surprise his mother by telling her about skiing and other things about which she had no idea.

Number of pages: 131
Size: 21,6 x 15 x 1,5 


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