The Helsinki Biennial Art Meditation Forum 2023


The Helsinki Biannial Art Forum 2023: An Anthology is a compilation of newly comissioned essays arising from a collaboration between ViCCA (Visual Cultures Curating and Contemporary Art) at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture and the Helsinki Biennial 2023 curated by Joasia Krysa. The forum concentrates on meditation as a space for articulating the biennial's themes ant artistic contributions. It comprises two components: the Helsinki Biennial 2023 Symposium, which took place in December 2022, and The Curatorial School of  'May', a yearlong workshop involving eight ViCCA students that foregrounds the transformative potential of the word "May" encapsulated in the Biennial's title, New Directions May Emerge. This anthology juxtaposes perspectives from established contriburors in the field of curating with creative text by the Master's students. It delves into the themes central to the biennial: contamination, regeneration, agency, and curating and computation. In sum, the volume provides an engaging exploration of contemporary curatorial idwas that intersect with the biennial's pursuit of new directions capable of responding to an increasingly cpmplex world. 


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