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Viggo Wallensköld’s (s. 1969) art depicts  the physical diversity and sense of otherness that characterise the human experience. His subjects are a blend of different  ages, genders, eras and social classes. Occasionally, they are shown merged with a  piece of machinery or joined to a gravestone. Even the most contradictory of human characteristics are invariably  treated with understanding, sympathy and  dignity.

Wallensköld is also a writer, whose  literary output encompasses the life and  works of Anatoly D. Mbdrinov, a fictional  scientist, whose research has the potential  to revolutionise our understanding of fungi  and the human mind. 

In this publication, Viggo Wallensköld’s  longterm collaborator and friend and gallerist at Taidesalonki, Christina Bäcksbacka, writes about her relationship with  the artist, while an essay by Sini Mononen  explores the themes and fundamental  preoccupations of Wallensköld’s oeuvre.  The publication is illustrated with Wallensköld’s art works along with photographs  from his private album. 

HAM Helsinki Art Museum

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